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"The Ultimate Side Hustle"

"I grew up in the historical and beautiful town of Paarl, South Africa, and it's always been close to my heart. Wine has been a big part of my family for generations—starting with my granny, then my dad, and after he passed away, my mom took over the family business. My dad really sparked my love for history, the Afrikaans culture, Paarl, and of course, wine.

When my wife and I moved back to Paarl, we wanted to work together and start something of our own. That's how "Wines of Paarl" came to be. We turned our love for this town and its amazing wines into the ultimate side hustle, offering intimate and authentic tours of the South African winelands. Now, we get to share the hidden gems of this beautiful region with others, and we couldn't be happier."


Our Story


Cyril, The Maestro Behind your Wine Safari!

He is the most authentic tour guide you'll ever have. He hails from the land of the rising sun, Mpumulanga, and his favourite music genre is Amapiano. In his free time you''ll find him behind a big screen watching action movies!

Cyril takes you from winefarm to winefarm and tells you all about the history of the region, the stories behind the wine estates and whatever else you want to talk about. He's our #1. 

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